Play Dirt Construction Zone

$9.99 USD

Now you can play in the dirt without getting dirty or leaving your living room! Play Dirt is an inventive material that looks like loose earth but feels like something from another planet. The super-soft stuff can be packed into shapes and sculptures or simply oozed through your fingers. With a fine texture and a fluffy feel, it’s satisfying to just dig your hands into the strange substance.

  • Be the foreman of your own construction site with Play Dirt Construction Zone! Each set includes 12 ounces of Play Dirt, 2 road signs, 1 road cone, 1 barrel mold and a convenient storage bucket for continuous sensory play.
  • For optimal play, remove Play Dirt from its packaging and loosen it up with your hands. Allow it to sit in the open air for several hours, then you’re ready to play!
  • Play Dirt is made from natural materials and can vary slightly in color and texture.
  • Non-toxic synthetic blends of materials make it easy to clean up and completely stain-free.
  • Never dries out!
  • Ages 3+