Murder Mystery Case Files: Underwood Cellar

$24.99 USD

For 20 years, the people of vichy springs believed winemaker cary underwood had mysteriously disappeared, leaving detectives with no leads for his whereabouts. The town has been out of harmony ever since. A recent earthquake in napa valley opened a secret chamber beneath underwood cellars revealing the tragic truth – cary underwood was murdered. If this sounds like a cold case murder you’re ready to dig in to, you’ll love murder mystery party case files from University Games. Can you solve this crime? • if you are a crime junkie who loves crime novels, cold-case tv shows and escape room games, then you’ll love murder mystery party case file games. • each murder mystery party case file puts you and your friends in the detective’s shoes as you pore over realistic physical and online evidence to build your case to hunt down a killer. • you are the detective who inherits the case.