Jackalope Pocket Adult Tee

$34.00 USD

The story of the infamous jackalope is long and fabled. It's been said that you can entice jackalopes with whiskey. That they can imitate a human’s voice and enjoy a good campfire sing along- they always register a tenor, which is notable. And that back in the day when the jackalope was first established in north america, the high plains weren’t the friendly place we all know and love today. Famous publications such as the casper-star tribune advised any-a-field walker to cover their legs with cast iron stovepipes so that they might avoid the grizzly fate of being gored to death at the shins by these fluffy hellspawn. Now i know what you’re thinkin’… that's just crazy. Jackalopes aren't real. Well, next time you're at your camp fire and you're joined by a random chorus of tenors, don't say we didn't told ya.

* ultra soft 60% organic Cotton/40% polyester blend 

* soft touch screen print

* screen printed inside label 

* reinforced neck seam tape 

* sendero woven labels