Acadia National Park Adult Hat

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Whoever invented the phrase “best [INSERT THING] west of the Mississippi” clearly knew the East had some good stuff to offer. As America’s first National Park East of the Mississippi, Acadia National Park is no exception! The park is home to seascapes, cliffs, granite boulders, peregrine falcons, and dozens of other knock-your-socks-off cool things. But there’s one thing in particular that we need to thank for the beauty and uniqueness of this park… Big. Ass. Glaciers. That’s right. The park used to be buried under a mile of ice that moved a few yards a year. That’s a lot of ice. This sucker rounded off the mountain tops, carved the valleys, and left behind all of the amazing geographic features we enjoy today. Thanks, frozen water, you the real MVP.

Cotton Twill Woven Label Patch

Topographic Map Undervisor

Structured Mid-Profile

6 Panel Easy Curve Visor


Agave Tag

Classic Sendero Label

Color - Gray/Cadet

A portion of the proceeds from this hat go to protect your wild places.